Who We Help

Family Health

It is our passion to see the young and old of our community experience great health for a lifetime.

Chiropractic is a vital addition to a healthy lifestyle which should always include good eating, fun exercise, great sleep and clear communication. Chiropractic adds the vital power which lets the body function at its best. Allowing you to enjoy life and get the most out of it.

Pre-conception, pregnancy, babies & children

Having children changes your life.This hugely positive and fulfilling experience is one of the driving forces behind Boost Chiropractic’s passion.

Their neurological system continues to grow and learn at an astounding rate, absorbing information from their environment, their senses gathering information from the outside world as well as from within their own body as it grows with them. All of this information is processed and integrated at lightning speeds in the brain which then forms strategies and responses in bodily function. Keeping this neurological system functioning and growing perfectly is what we love to see, the resulting development is imperative to bringing up well rounded, balanced, happy children. Improvements in Memory, Learning, Performance, Attention and Motivation are common.

Sports and Performance

Everyone who competes wants to do so at their best ability. It is for that reason many sports people seek the competitive edge that chiropractic can provide. Having a neurological system working at its absolute best means greater strength, longer endurance, maintained focus, better balance and improved co-ordination. All the ingredients for top performance whether it is weekend kicks with the kids or top level sports athletes.

Have Symptoms?

Symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know that there is a problem.

But many people ignore these subtle signs that your body isn’t functioning at its best or even worse, think that their symptom is “normal” “common” or “age related”

Symptoms are the warning signal telling you there is dysfunction within your body. Not unlike the engine light on your vehicle dashboard- the problem isn’t the light bulb/ symptom itself (although very unpleasant) it is the problem causing the engine light or symptom to come on.

All of the following are unfortunately very common in our community but certainly are not normal:

Neck Pain

Low Energy

Hormone Imbalances

Ear Infections

Over Sensitivity


Headaches and Migraines

Numbness and/or Tingles



Poor Settling

Poor Sleeping

Back Pain


Extremity Pain

Colicky Babies

Poor Digestion


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